Carum Breastpump makes a “wonderful” difference at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

Carum Breastpump makes a “wonderful” difference at Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital

At the UNICEF Baby Friendly’s first Neonatal conference, the Ardo Carum Breastpump was showcased in a video at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital. The breastpumps are being used to benefit mums of premature babies in the hospital’s neonatal unit.

The Baby Friendly Initiative standards for neonatal units requires that their facilities value parents as partners in their baby’s care, supports parents to build a close and loving relationship with their baby, enable babies to receive breastmilk, and breastfeed where possible.

Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital selected Ardo to provide breastpumps to the neonatal, maternity and paediatric units.   The Carum hospital grade breastpump supports essential expressing in the units, however,  the compact Calypso pump is also available in the neonatal and maternity wards for mums personal use. Ardo is a WHO code compliant company.

The video is a clip from the Baby Friendly conference, showcasing how the Carum makes a huge difference to parents of premature babies. Offering convenience to mums and to help them build up milk supply.

In the video a mum of a 25 week premature baby talks about pumping in the hospital and using the Carum. She says, “the breastpumps being available in every room here has been invaluable.” After explaining more about her experience she states, “we can now go home - breastfed.”

You can view the full 30 minute video here.

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