4 Remarkable Birth Stories
Every woman’s birth story is unique but sometimes there are some that are unusual, inspirational and awe inspiring. Here we share a few of our favourites of 2016 so far. Midwife Rode Inflatable Swan Through Flooded Street To Reach Woman In Labour This is a fab story of an amazing midwife who was determined to reach a mum in labour. Most expectant mums would hope their midwife would go the extra mile like this if needed. Via Would you want your dilation details sent to a stranger? This story tells how when a new grandmother sent a text to the wrong number whi..
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7 Breastfeeding Tips for the First Week with Newborn Twins
1.        It may be that one or both of your babies have to spend time in special care after they are born. If you can't breastfeed straight away, start expressing your first milk (colostrum) as soon as possible after the birth.2.       As experts recommend, use a hospital-grade breastpump to build up you milk supply. Double pumping your breasts can maximise the amount of milk you express and save you time at each expressing session.3.        Set a routine, it doesn't have to be totally rig..
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Breastfeeding & Expressing Mums Bucket List
Having a breastfeeding bucket list can really help inspire you to keep going. It can help build up your self confidence each time you tick off one of your targets. Here are some ideas you could add to your own bucket list. 1. Strive to get as much support possible to establish and continue breastfeeding. See: Support article 2. Take photos and selfies of you breastfeeding (just for your own personal albums). It’s certainly great to look back on. 3. Take a #milkdrunk photo of your baby – so amazing! 4. Build up your milk supply. It’s recommended to set up a routine to stick to wit..
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The Connection Most Mums have in Common with Each Other is… Breastfeeding
Research conducted by Mumsnet has found 66 unique identities for mums.  On average, mums can connect with about six of these and in some cases a lot more. Examples of these include mums from one parent families, mothers who live in rural areas, those that have children with special needs and mums with newborns. The study, which has been conducted by creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi and brand research company Ipsos Connect and was revealed at Mumsnet’s third annual Mumstock event in 2016.  It is designed to help marketers better communicate with this vast and varied group ..
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Feeding Your Newborn Baby: The First 48 Hours
You may be surprised to find that your first day at homewill probably be remarkably quiet and your baby very sleepy. Your newborn will be recovering from the birth and adjusting to their new home.  Because their stomach is so tiny, only the size of a marble, your newborn will need to feed often. You'll probably find your baby wants between eight and 15 feeds for the first one or two days.  If breastfeeding seems tricky at first, there's no need to feel down-hearted. Many new mums take a while to get the hang of it. You and your baby will get better at breastfeeding with ..
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5 Mantras for Expressing & Breastfeeding Mums
1.  Trust your instincts. You are the one who knows your baby the best. However, after taking into account medical advice​ or best practice​ where appropriate, trust your own instincts.   2. It does get easier. Because nothing stays the same. Phases come and go and you will learn to adapt and cope with difficult moments. The knowledge that it gets easier can really help mums when going through tough times.   3.  Everyone is different as parents. Many people might offer you advice on how they might do something and you can listen..
How Important are Product Reviews to Mums
According to Econsultancy 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. Product reviews offer a credible insight into a product and it is becoming increasingly more important to mums when researching and making the product purchase decision. Mumsnet award products, of interest to mums and their families, with a Mumsnet Best award badge. As explained on their website, for a product to be awarded a Mumsnet Best badge, it needs to have received five or more reviews of at least four stars over the last 18 months. Reading other mums experiences on websites lik..
Expressing Breastmilk for her Poorly Newborn: A Mums Story
A mum sent us her story about how the Calypso breastpump made a huge difference to her poorly newborn.  “ I never realised just how important a quality pump was until using the Calypso! My youngest son was born with Transposition of the Greater Arteries.  A congenital heart defect that meant he needed to have surgery within the first few days of life in order to survive.  In most cases, when a TGA baby is born they are medicated in order to keep them stable until they are considered strong enough for major heart surgery.  During this time I was looking forwa..
4 Amazing Birth Stories in the News
Every woman’s birth story is unique but sometimes there are some that are so amazing and awe inspiring. Here we share a few of our favourites.   Three sisters give birth to three babies all on the same day One of our favourite stories is the unusual story of the Irish sisters that gave birth on the same day in the same hospital.    Mum gives birth in Legoland – and gets free lifetime pass! This is a fab birth story - the mum says, "I knew we weren't going to get to the hospital in time, and we were in a flap because we didn't know what..
Reducing Night Feeds and Getting Some Sleep
Babies often drop night feeds on their own as they slowly become able to last longer between feeds. This usually happens gradually with babies between two and six months old. By three to six months, some, but not all, babies can sleep for longer stretches at night. Many mums can be exhausted by this point and could really do with a good night’s sleep. Studies show that a longer stretch of sleep is better for babies developing brains and bodies.   If you would like to cut back on night feeding from 6 months, see below for some tips: ·    Take it graduall..
Breastfeeding after a Caesarean
In some parts of the UK as many as 30% of babies are born by caesarean section. Many mums worry they won’t be able to breastfeed their baby after a Caesarean section. Some mums have found it a bit more challenging to establish breastfeeding, for example your milk may come in a bit later or you might still be in a bit of pain post-surgery. However, you can still successfully breastfeed your baby, regardless how you have given birth.   Breastfeeding as soon as possible after birth has advantages for mothers who have had caesareans just as it does for mothers who deliver vagin..
5 Brilliant Parent & Baby News Stories
These are our top five and most favourite recent stories online about parents and newborn babies we wanted to share as we think they are truly fab.   A new mums carpark fine paid by stranger Lovely story about a mum helped by a stranger when after spending a long day in hospital with her sick nine-week-old baby. Read the full random act of kindness article.   Dads great trick getting baby off to sleep Watch this video about a dad using his nifty Star Wars-inspired trick to send his baby off to sleep in less than 30 seconds.   Hair raising bab..
11 Tips for the First Fortnight with Your Newborn
This article offers some useful tips for new mums in the first two weeks with a newborn baby. What to expect when breastfeeding your baby as well as some other great tips from mums. -   Make the most of being in hospital after giving birth. Ask the midwives for tips on breastfeeding or expressing if you're struggling and keep asking until you get help.   -   Give breastfeeding time to settle in, you’ll be getting used to a lot of changes so try to give yourself time to get into a new routine.   -   If you are breastfeeding, n..
6 Popular Must-haves for Breastfeeding & Pumping Mums
1. Nursing bras. These tend to be much more comfortable for breastfeeding mums than ordinary bras and provide easy access to your breasts. You can make your own bra for expressing with an old bra or sports bra, make some horizontal incisions and this will keep the breastshells in place and then you can pump hands free.   2. Nursing tops. Designed to allow you to nurse inconspicuously without revealing too much skin. A good alternative to nursing tops are button up shirts.   3. Breast pump. Having a breast pump is essential if you plan to go back to work or wan..
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