4 Amazing Birth Stories in the News

4 Amazing Birth Stories in the News

Every woman’s birth story is unique but sometimes there are some that are so amazing and awe inspiring. Here we share a few of our favourites.


Three sisters give birth to three babies all on the same day

One of our favourite stories is the unusual story of the Irish sisters that gave birth on the same day in the same hospital. 


Mum gives birth in Legoland – and gets free lifetime pass!

This is a fab birth story - the mum says, "I knew we weren't going to get to the hospital in time, and we were in a flap because we didn't know what road we were on," she says. "I knew Legoland was nearby, so I told my husband to head there." 


Woman gets married WHILE giving birth

Another lovely birth story is about a couple who got married whilst the bride was in labour. Great photos for a last minute wedding!

Via Madeformums.com


Birth Photographer Captures Newborns In Foetal Positions To Show How They Fit Inside Mother's Womb

Not a birth story as such but a wonderful way of illustrating babies position in the womb.



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