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At Ardo we consider our customers’ opinions the most important ones. All the wonderful feedback we receive from parents has helped us to give you the best products and service. We are always extremely honoured to receive a nice shiny award so here are the ones we are most proud of.


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  • Closed System
  • Vacuum Seal
  • Ultra Silent and Gentle
  • Not made with BPA

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How to use Calypso
How to use Carum
How to use Amaryll
How to disassemble and clean Pumpset
How to assemble the Pumpset
How to disassemble and clean Amaryll
How to assemble Amaryll

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At Ardo we understand what it is like to be a new mum and feel overwhelmed by having a new born baby and the need to express.  The range of videos we have produced are written and presented by an experienced lactation consultant.  It was important to us that we included all the questions we are frequently asked by mums, from what’s in the box, to how to use the products, but also how to express more breast milk.

  • 24 May
    4 Remarkable Birth Stories

    Every woman’s birth story is unique but sometimes there are some that are unusual, inspirational and awe inspiring. Here we share a few of our favourites of 2016 so far. Midwife Rode Inflatable Swan Through Flooded Street To Reach Woman In Labour This is a fab story of an amazing midwife who was determined to reach a mum in labour. Most expectant mums would hope their midwife would go the ...

  • 27 Apr
    7 Breastfeeding Tips for the First Week with Newborn Twins

    1.        It may be that one or both of your babies have to spend time in special care after they are born. If you can't breastfeed straight away, start expressing your first milk (colostrum) as soon as possible after the birth.2.       As experts recommend, use a hospital-grade breastpump to build up you milk supply. Double pumping your ...

  • 12 Apr
    Breastfeeding & Expressing Mums Bucket List

    Having a breastfeeding bucket list can really help inspire you to keep going. It can help build up your self confidence each time you tick off one of your targets. Here are some ideas you could add to your own bucket list. 1. Strive to get as much support possible to establish and continue breastfeeding. See: Support article 2. Take photos and selfies of you breastfeeding (just for your ow...

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